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Chi Gung certification program

The LTC Ch`i Gung Certification is a three to five-year program leading to certification to instruct with the Living Tao Center, and the receipt of honors in a special ceremony bestowing the title of Shifu (teacher). Completion of the Dao Yin Ch`i Gung system will have brought the practitioner from an elemental foundation in energy cultivation exercise to a self-mastery level of Taoist philosophy.

Dao Yin Ch`i Gung Certification Level 1 through Level 6

Level 1: Development of Energy Consciousness

Level 1
is for building a solid foundation in the Practice Principles of energy cultivation (see below). Develop the skill, dedication in training of the subtle energy body (kung fu). Discover Spiral Linking to channel the life force (Qi) through the body and field and root the Dan Tian (field of cultivation) to the body’s earth force (center of gravity). Open the energy routes of Consciousness the Ren Mai (creation/conception) Vessel, Du Mai (completion/govern) Vessel, Chong Mai (penetrating/core) Vessel, and Dai Mai (belt/returning) Vessel. Gain insight to principles of self-mastery to clear obstructions leading to dis-ease.

“Silence the mind to harness the spirit and heal 100 diseases”

Qi Dan Fa – Practice Principles for Taoist Yoga

•Di jing-Grounding/Rooting
• Xing fa - Structural Integration
• TuiNa- Breath/Regulation
• Sung Jing-Relaxation
• Sou Jing-Absorbing energy
• Fa Jing- Projecting energy
• Tsuan Jing - Spiral/Drill energy
• Ting Jing - Listening                        

Level 2: Life Creation Salutation

Level 2
Life Creation Salutation, is a literal experience of life creation Re-creation of Heaven above, Earth Below, and the Human Essence between (also known as the 3 Harmonies).

From the beginning in salutation the Divine is summoned first from the earth mother; followed by Father Heaven, I, (we) are the vessels waiting to be filled like an empty cup from the Tao Source.

From the Camel to completion of the Prayer pose the aspirant with refined skill navigates successfully generating, circulating and harmonizing the life force (Qi) through the entire subtle body Energy field. This includes the biological clock circulation/regulation of all acupuncture meridians, vital organs, endocrine glands, central nervous system and chakra field.

  “In order to master the world; one must first master the self."
Subtle Body Energy Transmission                                                                 •String the Precious Pearls  
• Open & Close the Pearls
• Spiral Linking, Tsuan Jing
• Absorbing Energy, Sou Jing
• Projecting Energy, Fa Jing
• So Hung, So Ha, Sound Current

Level 3: Five Animal Subtle Body Mechanics & Light Current
Energy Vessel Activation  “Dao Yin Wu Xin Fa” & “Ching LUO Mai”

Level 3 is the “Gate Way to the Spring of Life”. The five animals of the Dao Yin System of Taoist Yoga are the Bear (Hsiung), Tiger (Hu), Snake (She), Crane (Ho), and Dragon (Lung). The subtle body mechanics of the animals are totem resources for deepening our energetic relationship to the matrix of the Living Tao.

“Chi Ching Luo Mai” “Lock & Activation of the Light Current” Is the lock and activation of the Light Current in all fourteen major vessels of the human energy body. The activation of the light current awakens the sense faculties in preparation for entering meditation.

“Wu Xin Dan Tian Fa”

“Five Animal Field of Cultivation"
• Three Dan Tian Integration
• Chi Ching Lou Mai Shang Jing
• Linking 3 Dan tian to 8 Psychic Vessels

Level 4:  The Five-Element Personality Types And Control Issues for Energy

“Taoist Psychology”

Level 4 teaches harmony with our fellow humans by recognizing ourselves in him/her. The Traditional teachings at this level are referred to as the Cosmic Mirror, The Five Element Personality Types and Control for Energy. 

The personality types of Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire reveal our basic patterns of behavior and how energy is exchanged on the human plane for communication. By knowing our Element and our tendencies toward action, we can recreate our lives each moment for ultimate harmony and joy; balancing the body and vital organs during each moment of exchange between our fellow humans and ourselves.

Some techniques used to facilitate our understanding are: The Silent Observer, Heart of Compassion, Taoist Contemplation, and Zhan Zhuang Standing. Ling Qui Chakra Dao Yin.

  Level 5: Union with TAO
(Inner Luminosity)
Level 5 can be described as an interactive treasure map, used to lead and guide us on our individual journeys. It is the Taoist approach to TAO (truth about ourselves), God, the Universe (or the term of your choice) is always reaching to communicate with us through nature, current events, personal interaction with others, etc. In order to aid us in understanding of our divine relationship with TAO.

“Tian Shen Tao Qi Fa” – Key Elements:
•Shen Kung Spirit Training
•Jing Huang Qiuxing Golden Spiral
•Nine Palace Dao Yin

Taoist Meditation Inner Vision Quest To Wisdom

Level 6: Jing Zuo-Tranquil Sitting

Level 6
practice principles for spiritual awakening begin with attention and awareness which is the act of taking charge of the present for the purpose of restoring one to original purity.  The Experience of this divine state is free of all wound or injury and is thus saturation, restoration of wholeness.  From the conscious recognition of the divine state (Shen Qi)  the way (Tao) is easily followed.

“The art of knowing one’s self is discovered Within,                                         to know one’s self is to  know the world” Lao Tzu

• Unification of the Breath- natural, even, slow, quiet
• Untying the Knots of the Energy Web- Silent observation
• Inner Vision Quest to Wisdom- sun/moon meditation
• Returning To Tao- All levels combined

Level 6: Taoist Meditation – Inner Luminosity

Yang Sheng the stream of life cascades down from the fountain of Tao and anoints the vessels of the subtle body anatomy (see chart p. 10), from head to toe, center to surface following the seasonal currents of nature. Dao Yin is the prelude to meditation building, refining the tools of stillness and motion the origins of our divinity. Just as a muscle the bicep needs development to push one up off the floor; the faculties of the human being is mind, body, and spirit responds consciously to the cultivation rendered unto it. Awakening the whole potential of the incarnate being within.



Private Lessons

Private instruction is available either with Dr. Carpenter himself, or with a Senior Instructor. Dr. Carpenter is available for private instruction at the rate of $75 an hour or a monthly fee of $300. Senior instructor rates for private instruction are $50 an hour, or $200 a month, for four hours of instruction. Please inquire about the Closed-Door Program with Dr. Carpenter. *All Class offerings and prices subject to change.

Dr. Robert Carpenter, D.O.M. LLC
3500 Comanche NE Suite H Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

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