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Class Structure and Tuition

Ch’i Gung classes are scheduled weekly for progressive development designed to provide understanding in energy cultivation practices of Taoist yoga.

MINI PROGRAM INTENSIVE - separate from standard class curriculum; Medical Ch’i Gung Healers Program (8 mo. Weekend Workshop format) Taoist Ling Qui Chakra system, Nei Gung of Tai Chi Chuan, Concepts of Taoist theory and philosophy.  Beginning with the development of energy consciousness level 1 and systematically progressing to higher esoteric principles and actions of level 5 Union of the Tao. 

WEEKEND INTENSIVES – where concepts of energy cultivation and Taoist theory are disclosed from the inception to completion. accelerating the learning process and benefitting the practitioner in technique and intention.  Dao Yin Ch’i Gung is the prelude to the “Inner Vision Quest to Taoist meditation” building, refining the tools of wisdom.


             *See Current Handout for Class Offerings and Tuition.


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