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The LTC advocates the building of positive virtue (Te ) through self-awareness and dedication to personal growth. The outward signs of respect for oneself and the center is to remove one’s shoes and sign in at the register. To further promote the idea of self-respect, please treat others as you wish to be treated.  As a participant at the LTC, each person is asked to focus their Heart-Mind (Xin) on the goals he/she wishes to accomplish, and to participate with the thought that this present moment is the moment of Self-Realization and Expansion.  Please arrive on time and prepared for class, or be prepared to contemplate the question, “Why am I on the Way (Tao) home?  You are ready to begin the journey.

The person of the Tao cannot be known by their appearance.
The person of the Tao may be described in action:
Watchful, as though treading on ice,  Alert and wary, like a person aware of Danger,
Courteous and considerate as a welcomed guest,
Yielding, like ice melting,
Simple, like uncarved wood,
Open and receptive, like a valley.
Who can wait quietly while the muddy pool settles? 
Who can remain still until the moment of action? 
“By not seeking Fulfillment, one is fulfilled.”

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