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How to become a Living Tao Center member

The Living Tao Center has a personalized schedule to accommodate today’s lifestyles, while maintaining the highest quality of instruction available in these classical arts. Applicants are recommended to participate in our introductory training program for the purpose of experiencing firsthand these traditional arts. This is done on a private basis.
The LTC is disciplined and personable. We welcome all serious individuals dedicated to the pursuit of the TAO (Way).

Private Instruction

Private instruction is available either with Dr. Carpenter himself, or with a Senior Instructor. Dr. Carpenter is available for private instruction at the rate of $75 an hour or a monthly fee of $300. Senior instructor rates for private instruction are $50 an hour, or $200 a month, for four hours of instruction. Please inquire about the Closed-Door Program with Dr. Carpenter. *All Class offerings and prices subject to change.




Dr. Robert Carpenter, D.O.M. LLC
3500 Comanche NE Suite H Albuquerque, New Mexico 87107

      (505) 323-1416