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Purpose and Intention

The Purpose and intention of Living Tao Center (LTC) is to:
• Provide tools for living life successfully
• Enrich physical health – Prevent Dis-ease
• Acquire personal mastery through conscious awareness
• Facilitate happiness, longevity and wisdom for governing one’s life destiny, without regard to personal belief systems (religion, creed, etc.)
LTC offers ancient techniques used by warriors and scholars of the past, more commonly named by some as, the Peaceful Warrior, Scholar Warrior, or as one tradition entitles it, Shamballa, the Sacred Path of the Warrior.
For the LTC, the concept of Scholar Warrior may fit best in that it exemplifies governing one’s life through a balance of scholarly and warrior-like attributes. The Scholar prizes the academics of education and empowering the self through knowledge, while the Warrior is known for his or her dedication and perseverance in facing challenge through direct physical action.

The foundation of the Scholar Warrior’s education is reflected in the human entity of body, mind and spirit.

It is said: “To  reach enlightenment one must pay close Attention to equal development of the Three
Treasures of the body, mind and spirit”

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